Remember vs Remind | Lose vs Miss

Some verbs in English are easy to confuse with each other. A group of those verbs is 'remember vs remind' and 'miss vs lose'.
Remember: To think something of the past again. Remember is a verb used when somebody thinks of something again.
e.g: George remembered he had to turn off the iron before he left home.
Remind: To make someone think of something again. You need to use an object with this verb always.
e.g. Dave reminded me to turn of the iron before I left home.
Lose: not being able to find an object that might have been misplaced
You usually lose an object or when playing sports or games.
e.g. Helen lost her purse and she couldn't get back home on the Metro.
Miss: not being able to attend an event or catch a means of transport. You usually miss an event or you're not able to catch a train, bus or plane.
e.g. We left the hotel half-an-hour later than expected and we ended up missing the train.

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