The GoGetter English Method

What is 4x4?
Learn English any time, any where and for free. These simple online lessons will help you improve your English easily. We've based our method on the use of the language and we have done it including four different sections. All the sections are linked to each other, so you will definitely end up practising the goals set for you four times (4x4). Through our Study Plans you'll be able to practise and learn thanks to our 4 x 4 method.
These are the four sections we have included:
  • Useful English: phrasal verbs, fixed structures, native speaker English
  • Grammar: no more dry grammar rules. We give you real examples of how the grammar is used in different situations . We're not going to list all the rules at once, we take it step by step, one important point at a time.
  • Idioms: our list of idioms will help you make your English more natural.
  • Reading: improve your reading comprehension skills with our hand-picked texts. Blogs, websites, magazines will be the source of our reading texts, so you will be exposed to real texts, from real life.
  • Listening: The listening extracts have been carefully produced so that you can practise your comprehension linked to whatever has been introduced in the previous 4x4 lessons.
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